IBC Conference – The revolution is being televised: go hands on with the VRT-EBU LiveIP Studio

Imagine being able to cover a major national sporting event, a multi-site music festival or breaking news, without an OB truck? What would it be like to produce and transmit national election results live from not just a handful of locations but hundreds of them? How would editorial change if you could present multiple simultaneous audio tracks or permit the viewer to truly ‚direct‘ their own version of your programme?

What will make this possible is Internet Protocol (IP) and information technology (IT), which are already transforming live production right now.

Belgium public broadcaster VRT together with the EBU and 12 other technology partners started building a production studio at VRT, entirely based on IP. Broadcasters from as far away as China and India have flocked to Brussels to see it in action. Now you have a chance to see it in action at IBC2016.

You can see the VRT-EBU LiveIP studio and control room in the IBC IP Interoperability Zone in Hall 8, D10. The studio will also be connected to the IBC TV control room in hall 13, thereby showing the ability to do remote production. Finally, both locations are linked via the data centre, sited at a 3rd location (Hall 8, B90), demonstrating the distributed nature of the set.


On hand to answer all your questions, from the highly technical to the inspirational about new formats, are the production team of camera operators, directors, production executives and project managers who have been using the set-up at VRT to produce live content.

Learn how the key elements of audio, picture and data are kept in synchronisation – just as today – and also how these elements can be fused into different combinations to create more content and new forms of content in ways that have never been possible before.

Visit the IBC IP Interoperability Zone, in action every day of IBC, free for all visitors.

Find out more at IBC.org/IPZone

Registration for IBC2016 is still open at IBC.org/register

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